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The Hospitality Industry is one of the Greatest in terms of employment opportunities, lifestyle and a bright future both within the Domestic shores as well as the International arena. It offers a plethora of avenues in Hotels, Airlines, Multinationals, Cruise lines , Casinos, Customer Care Banking sectors.. and the list is endless.

The future of the Hospitality Industry is in personalized service spectrums and a 'total service model'. The guest of the future will be able to tailor every aspect of their experience including technology, hotel services, the room , pricing and communications. We will see innovations such as intelligent furniture, adaptive room environments, personalized entertainment, individually tailored nutrition and 'thought control' of guest facing systems and appliances.

Thus a Brilliant and Challenging Industry like is predicted will have a need for Dynamic young professionals with the optimal mix of competencies required. It is with this a focal point that the Programmes of Hospitality have been launched at the University School of Hotel Management.

The main Goal of the Hospitality Programme is to develop reasoning , cultivate the intellect, create positive change and ensure development of higher order thinking and problem solving Attitude. A strong concept of education based on academic theory, innovative out of the box thoughts and professional experience is the back bone of the Institute's academics.

Our students learn in the Institute but Practice at the Industry with our intensive Industry Exposure for each of the semesters. The evaluation system is student centric and covers each aspect of competency namely knowledge skill and attitude.

Each Student is an important part of the education System … The atmosphere at Rayat Bahra is like an extended family where relationships are nutured and individual students are guided to develop to their highest potential , secure their future and aspire for the highest goal.

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